Slave Smart Card Reader (HT PCR-S-EM for sale in Hollywood, Florida

Slave Smart Card Reader (HT PCR-S-EM)
Versatile EM Card Identification Reader

The HT PCR-S-EM is a proximity card & PIN reader. Encased in robust metallic shell, this slave reader is designed for heavy duty operation. HT PCR-S-EM supports EM 12KHz smart cards and smart tags. HT PCR-S-EM works as a slave reader with controllers (HT ACM) that act as the master unit.
HT PCR-S-EM reader can be mounted on any surface material. Once the hardware is operational, a low frequency, low level, radiofrequency (RF), electromagnetic field is constantly radiated by reader. When a card is presented within this radiofrequency field, the microchip (embedded inside the card) is activated. In turn this microchip transmits a unique pre-coded identification (ID) number back to HT PCR-S-EM. After decoding and converting this data into 26-bit Wiegand format, the reader sends it to the external controller through its data cable. Upon receipt of this information the controller determines the relevant action necessary to be taken in response to the card presented.
HT PCR-S-EM supports optional PIN operation which allows users to choose combination modes of ID+PIN or CARD+PIN authentication.

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