Honest PC Repair DOES Exist!~HARDDRIVES!~Windows7Ultimate!~Office2013 for sale in Hollywood, Florida


Hard Drives Installed Free~Windows 7 Ultimate ~Office2013
Repairing Computers is not all that difficult. TRUTH! It just takes KNOWLEDGE, TIME & lots of EXPERIENCE!
BUT! HONESTY is not always included. Nor are you guaranteed to have YOUR PC repaired by someone who has patience & takes PRIDE IN THEIR WORK!
Sure! You can go to someone who CLAIMS to be TRIPLE A+ Certified, MCSE, CCNA, WXYZ, Dell "Authorized", Microsoft "Partnered" etc, etc, with all kinds of diplomas and papers and a cool looking ad they copied and pasted together...
But, all that has NOTHING to do with the FINAL RESULTS & TOTAL COST to YOU.
I have repaired hundreds of computers & have many happy customers. Plus, I take full responsibility for my work! ALWAYS!
FACT! A computer should NEVER need repair unless hardware failure or virus/spyware infection occurs.
FACT! These things CAN BE AVOIDED!
FACT! "Outdated" XP PCs can be just as fast & capable with XP/7U + 1.6GHz processor + 1GB Ram + 64MB Graphics and a healthy hard drive!
FACT! Most "Old" or "Slow" PCs can be FAST with a few clicks of the mouse. (finallyfast.com = a good idea but, SCAM!)
FACT! The whole field of PC sales is RIFE with corporate scams, & the PLANNED FAILURE of YOUR PC!
FACT! PC Repair shops will charge you for anything and everything they can think of!
Where does this leave YOU? Right where they want YOU!
Buying a new PC (They gotcha! AGAIN!) OR, buying MORE memory (only to run all the junk in background!) OR, with a pile of costly repair fees that are often unwarranted.
If YOU don't want to go that route call ME. - Repairs-Upgrades~ Data Recovery~ Installs-Trades -Sales
No emails or Text, please, Phone First! - Call Barry ~

Near Downtown Hollywood & US1
Installing: Windows 7Ultimate wSP1 (any version, x64, x86), Vista, XPpro.3, 2k., etc.
MS Office 2013, 10, 07 (any version, x64, x86), Adobe CS6.MC, Security, Tools, etc. etc.
All software repairs, virus removal, data recovery, etc, etc, Simplification & Optimization.
I will explain simple maintenance tools & usage and be available for any questions by phone.

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